types of pipe tobacco

Types of Pipe Tobacco

Smoke a cigarette and, no matter the quality, its taste will always remind you any other cigarette’s taste. Light a cigar and you will start to feel what quality smoking means, but, more or less, a cigar tastes like…well, a cigar. Try different pipe tobacco types and you’ll enter a new dimension of smoking taste.

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what is prosecco

What is Prosecco

Prosecco wine, the joy of a crispy, fruity, fresh sparkling golden liquid that inebriates your nose first and your mouth then. The perfect and most versatile drink for virtually every occasion. But are you sure you know what a real Prosecco is and how it should taste like? First of all, let’s see what exactly

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itten circle

Itten Circle

In this article we will explain what it is and how to use the Itten circle. It is a very important tool to understand which are the primary, secondary and complementary colours. Let’s start by introducing you the inventor, who is Johannes Itten. He was a Swiss painter, writer and designer of the early 1900s.

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what is a humidor

What is a Humidor

The more you smoke, the more you are fascinated by the charm and flavours that are hidden in the tobacco leaves of your cigar. You start to buy more and more cigars because you want to try different ones. Your collection starts to grow and you don’t want to waste it. Now the time has

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be true to who you are

Be True to Who You Are

We are constantly distracted by what other people want us to be. It is difficult to see inside yourself when everyone says what you should/should not be or do. Your parents, friends, people around you, the media, the internet, really everything influences your real self. You are the answer to all these pressures and the

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choose quality

Choose Quality

Too often, people are disguised by special offers and cheap prices. The truth is, most of the time choosing cheaper products is completely useless and a waste of money. Buying cheap can be a great bargain, sure, but only if you are lucky enough to find the product you want at a special price. Otherwise,

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gentlemen quotes

Gentleman Quotes

Here is a collection of gentleman sayings and quotes…have fun! A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally. Oscar Wilde We must be gentle now we are gentlemen. Shakespeare No gentleman can be without three copies of a book: one for show, one for use, and one for borrowers. Richard Heber He whom

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best shaving brush

Best Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes can be considered the fundamentals in wet shaving. Which is the best shaving brush? There are different types of brushes you can choose from, but be careful to choose a quality one and not too cheap. It is absolutely normal for a brush to lose hair in the beginning. Usually for the first

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