be true to who you are

Be True to Who You Are

We are constantly distracted by what other people want us to be. It is difficult to see inside yourself when everyone says what you should/should not be or do. Your parents, friends, people around you, the media, the internet, really everything influences your real self. You are the answer to all these pressures and the outcome might be good for society but extremely frustrating for yourself. So how to be yourself and be true to who you really are?

Apparently it seems easy, but real change starts from this simple statement. Only you know the answer. Only you must decide who you want to become.

Sometimes you feel that you are living a life that doesn’t belong to you. You are always nervous, you are not motivated and you constantly lack energy. Often these problems have a psychological nature and the change can happen just from the inside. You have one life. You cannot waste it in doing things that make you feel frustrated. Routine keeps you stuck in the same mistakes and it add more and more frustration. Stress is the worst enemy for our happiness. How much can you take before changing your wrong habits? Be active, be healthy, live fully. Every day is a new life and every moment is a chance to change. It takes a lot of courage, but don’t be afraid to be different. Being different could mean being better. Nothing is more boring than being average.

Look deep inside and take the time to ask yourself the most important question in your life. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Only in this way you’ll be finally aware and be true to who you are.

Andre Gide

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.