modern dandy

Modern Dandy’s Guide to Timeless Style

Embracing the dandy lifestyle in the modern world In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, the term dandy conjures images of impeccable dress, sophisticated mannerisms, and a flair for elegance that transcends time. Today’s modern dandy blends traditional style with contemporary trends, creating a unique aesthetic that’s both classic and modern. Have you ever wondered […]

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best italian wines

Best Italian Wines

Wine is one of the pleasures in a man’s life. It is extremely versatile and both men and women have a personal favourite kind of wine. Italy is the leading country for wine production in the world. But it’s not only about quantity, it’s also for its quality that Italy’s production shines. With the widest

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bow tie

Bow Tie

The bow tie, commonly considered an iconic accessory of men’s fashion, is part of a long history of social transformations, an accomplice of a series of small historical revolutions that have accompanied and transformed elegance over time. It is essentially a bow, a knot from which two symmetrical wings flow, geometrically composed of two triangles

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how to tie a tie

How to Tie a Tie

Tying a tie is something that every man should know how to do, yet it is a task that seems to plague even the most determined gentleman in the world. This guide wants helps you learn to choose the right knot depending on the tie and the occasion (job, wedding, ceremony). The key aspect of

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red wine benefits

Red Wine Benefits

Wine…is there anything better than a glass of full flavored aged red wine? You might sipping it alone or enjoying the company of a lady. Drinking a glass of wine is really a pleasure. Plus red wine is full of healthy benefits. However, too many people don’t know how to choose a good one. Let’s

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wet shaving

Wet Shaving

If you read my first post about shaving you most likely got the basics. We talked about how good it is a proper shave. Yes indeed, it will change your day and even your mood. But how to reach the perfect shave? Wet shaving! Nowadays there are really several options and brands and the offer can be sometimes

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how to wet shave

How to Wet Shave

Nowadays everything is going faster. But sometimes in life you just have to slow down and take your time. Every day millions of men all over the world have to deal with the most basic and important decision in daily life. How to keep their beard. To shave and achieve that smooth perfection or to

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