“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Oscar Wilde

Dandy. To be or not to be. The style of the modern gentleman is the style of a person who doesn’t compromise.

It is pretty straightforward. Everything we do, we want the best. And we guess that if you are here, it means we want the same in life. It doesn’t matter what. From the cup of coffee in the morning, or your dream job. We want the best.

Being a dandy in our society means more than dressing fancy. It is really a state of mind. It is not showing off and following the latest fashion, but it’s rather a way of feeling from the inside.

First of all and contrary to common opinion a dandy doesn’t follow fashion. He creates his own style. Therefore his first quality is being creative. Being creative automatically brings to the other most important quality: don’t blindly follow rules. There is no dandy without rebellion to the average, poor and dull lifestyle of common people.

Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion. Good manners, sensitiveness and class never get old.

We are constantly distracted by what other people want us to be. It is difficult to see inside yourself when everyone says what you should/should not be or do. Your parents, your friends, people around you, the media, the internet, really everything influences your real self. You are the answer to all these pressures and the outcome might be good for society but extremely frustrating for yourself.

Look deep inside and take the time to ask yourself the most important question in your life. Who am I? Who do I want to be?

Apparently it seems easy, but real change starts from this simple statement. Only you know the answer. Only you must decide who you want to become.