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Best Razor Blades 2022

Which are the best razor blades in 2022? It comes a moment in a gentleman’s life when you have to decide what you want. Do you want a quick, inattentive and poor shave that even a beginner teenager could achieve? Not so classy right?

But in case it is so, sadly, we don’t recommend you to join the club.

If instead you are looking for the best shaving experience a man could possibly enjoy, welcome our friend!

Here is a quick overview of the 5 best double edge razor blades currently on the market according to our experience. We recommend you to take the following ranking more like an advice than like something fixed. Remember that the best way to know what works for you is to buy sample packs and see which blades work best. When it comes to shaving and we might say in life there is only one rule: YMMV.

We do believe that these blades represent some of the best on the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Best razor blades 2022: Top 5

  1. At the bottom of the ranking there is Personna Platinum, a blade that is considered extremely good by many wet shavers. Personally I find it not so impressive but yet a really good blade. Quite sharp, quite smooth, quite versatile, definitely a blade to try.
  2. Considered by many wet shavers the ultimate blade, the famous Feather blade actually could easily be the number one but…there is a but. It doesn’t last! Honestly this blade gives the best at the first shave and that’s it. Of course it depends on many factors like beard type, razor, preparation, shaving technique and so on, but given the high price, it should be more consistent. Besides it is really sharp and might turn out too aggressive for the average shaver.
  3. At the 3rd place we find Kai blade. It is considered the competitor of Feather, because it’s Japanese and because of its sharpness. The main difference is that, contrary to Feather, it is a stainless steel blade. Stainless steel blades might work better if you have a coarse beard, but YMMV. It might result a bit too harsh at the first shave, but the good news is that Kai blade become smoother after the first time and yet they stay sharp!
  4. For a long time my favourite another sharp and versatile blade: Gillette 7 O’Clock Sharp Edge (yellow). Although all the 7 O’Clock blades are extremely effective, I think that the Sharp Edge gives a better overall performance. It provides an extremely precise and neat cut and yet quite smooth.

Gentlemen, the number 1

  1. At the top of our ranking we find a blade that is loved by almost every wet shaver in the world. Dandies and gentleman…Astra Platinum! This blade is simply amazing under every aspect. It is sharp, it is versatile, it is smooth, it is consistent…what else? Oh! It’s extremely cheap! The biggest problem with Astra is that it is too good to be so cheap, but don’t say it to Gillette!