wet shaving

Wet Shaving

If you read my first post about shaving you most likely got the basics. We talked about how good it is a proper shave. Yes indeed, it will change your day and even your mood. But how to reach the perfect shave? Wet shaving! Nowadays there are really several options and brands and the offer can be sometimes

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how to wet shave

How to Wet Shave

Nowadays everything is going faster. But sometimes in life you just have to slow down and take your time. Every day millions of men all over the world have to deal with the most basic and important decision in daily life. How to keep their beard. To shave and achieve that smooth perfection or to

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best shaving brush

Best Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes can be considered the fundamentals in wet shaving. Which is the best shaving brush? There are different types of brushes you can choose from, but be careful to choose a quality one and not too cheap. It is absolutely normal for a brush to lose hair in the beginning. Usually for the first

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