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best italian wines

Best Italian Wines

Wine is one of the pleasures in a man’s life. It is extremely versatile and both men and women have a personal favourite kind of wine. Italy is the leading country for wine production in the world. But it’s not only about quantity, it’s also for its quality that Italy’s production shines. With the widest

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red wine benefits

Red Wine Benefits

Wine…is there anything better than a glass of full flavored aged red wine? You might sipping it alone or enjoying the company of a lady. Drinking a glass of wine is really a pleasure. Plus red wine is full of healthy benefits. However, too many people don’t know how to choose a good one. Let’s

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what is prosecco

What is Prosecco

Prosecco wine, the joy of a crispy, fruity, fresh sparkling golden liquid that inebriates your nose first and your mouth then. The perfect and most versatile drink for virtually every occasion. But are you sure you know what a real Prosecco is and how it should taste like? First of all, let’s see what exactly

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types of rum

Types of Rum

Whether you like drinking it in a cocktail or sipping a dark aged one, among all spirits, rum certainly offers the widest range of tasting possibilities. It’s one of the most appreciated liquor all over the world and it met everyone’s taste, from pirates to classy gentlemen. So it’s better to know more about it

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