drink less

Drink Less, Drink Better

Sometimes less is really more. There is no better example than drinking to prove it.

We all enjoy drinking and that’s a fact. So…should we drink until we get drunk? Absolutely not. A real gentleman knows when, what and how to drink.

You might enjoy your favorite cocktail or sipping a good glass of wine, it all comes to personal preferences, but the truth is that if you get too much of booze, you simply lose the purpose of drinking.

Being a bit tipsy can be totally fine, especially in some situations where we want to be more relaxed and open. But most of the time, the pleasure of alcohol should come from the experience of tasting something really special.

Nowadays even quality beers became popular, so it’s just a matter of choice. You like beers? Drink one or two of high quality, rather than drinking cheap ones like water.

Remember, also your tastes regarding spirits displays your personality. You might love a glass of champagne or prefer a cheaper prosecco, our recommendation is simple. Whatever you drink, choose the best and keep it classy.

I personally love all kind of spirits, with a preference for red wine and rum.

And you? What’s your preference when you want to drink dandy style?