what makes a man attractive

What Makes a Man Attractive

Everybody wants to get women. We as men, are “programmed” by nature to spread our genes as much as possible. But the competition is merciless. So better to be ready and understand what really makes a man attractive.

Do women still believe in prince charming? Yes, they do. And we are here to give them what they want.

There are two basic factors in the man-woman attraction:

  • physical appearance
  • status

The first one provides the man the background to “appear” as a good choice because of his healthy look. Being good-looking is a message that says “I am healthy and I can give you healthy children”. Therefore we assume it still is the most powerful law of attraction.

Strength is another important factor, because it means that not only we can have healthy children, but we are able to protect them.

With evolution, not only our body, but also our mind, changed deeply. It is not enough to be the stronger and healthier one. We need to have and show some social and intellectual abilities also known as character or personality, that make us stand out from the crowd.

Status means I am able to communicate and interact with your partner and with others and in a society where we are billions, you understand why it is important.

Given that everybody is different and it is impossible to please everyone, you should focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

What makes a man attractive

Do you have a bad temper but you are good-looking? Take care of your face and body, but don’t overlook the importance of personality. Especially on the long run, it will make you lose a lot of points otherwise.

On the other hand, don’t believe who says that it is not important to be good-looking. Nevertheless, don’t think being handsome will bring women directly into your arms. That can be used as a trigger, as a plus. But it’s definitely not enough.

Women usually prefer the so called alpha male for their personality not their look. Being aggressive doesn’t mean being confidence. Actually it is the opposite. And women know best. But then again, some kind of aggressiveness can be perceived as being dominant and be a bonus. It is especially the case of one night stands. In this case, being perceived as dominant definitely helps the situation.

If you are not so attractive, but have a great personality, use the second to break the ice and in the meantime work on your physical appearance.

To conclude, there are universal laws of attraction and others that refer to culture and personal factors. Since the beginning of time men and women wondered about what would make them more attractive to their counterparts.

What makes a man attractive starts within himself, from his psychological attitude. A good book to start with is The Seducer’s Diary by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

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