physical activity benefits

Physical Activity Benefits

Being active is something really important not just for your body, but also for your mind. There is really a world of physical activity benefits. One of first factors that causes loss of mental ability when getting older is the physical progressive weakening.

There are many ways of strengthen and conditioning your body and keep yourself fit. Ideally you should do some aerobic and anaerobic exercises throughout the week. Mix some workouts with weights in the gym and any aerobic activity of your preference. You might run, cycle, swim or even just walk fast, the key is to move. Anything you do is for your physical and mental wellness.

Contrary to commonplaces, only a superficial person doesn’t take seriously his appearance, his look. Our physical appearance is the mirror of our health. Even the mighty ancient Romans used to say mens sana in corpore sano, literally meaning healthy mind in healthy body.

At DandyGentleman we love style, class, elegance, beauty, but how could somebody being elegant and harmonic with a fat belly under the fancy clothes?

I beg your pardon, I might be too straightforward here, all my support to people with serious health issues. But apart some particular situations, there are no excuses to take care of your body.

Improve yourself through physical activity

You want to improve yourself, not only inside but also outside and that’s noble, legit and admirable. A real man should always aim to perfection. Although perfection is just a concept, it doesn’t exist, perfection must be seen in the constant effort to reach it. Perfection is in the path, not in the outcome.

The problem is the lack of balance because too often we see people dedicating all their efforts just to one aspect of their life, focusing on their career, on their passions etc. and forgetting about the rest. But a man is a complex universe and every aspect of this universe is linked, so be aware of it and start to think about what you are neglecting in your life.

No time to read? Start reading a few pages before going to sleep. No time to exercise? Do pushups at home when you wake up in the morning. Little by little, you’ll see the change and you’ll realize how much time you wasted, thinking you didn’t have time for anything when actually in most of the cases you are the only master of your time. You have one life. It will pass. Everything will pass. In the meantime enjoy the benefits of physical activity, do what you love and keep yourself focused. All the rest doesn’t matter.

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