green style

Green Style

Nowadays everything is going to a green style direction. Sustainability is the new challenge in every field, from food production to architecture. The huge attention towards climate changing that our generation is facing, has to come with a new philosophy of life.

The current situation of our society is the result of an industrial era in which the most powerful countries tried to get wealthier harnessing the potential of many resources. The problem is that all of them unfortunately are very noxious for the environment.

We are called now to face a huge change, we cannot let oil companies & co. destroying what belongs to us. We have, as people living in the present, the power, the right and the duty to change the future of our planet earth.

There is no other chance and we have to change ourselves from the inside before changing what surrounds us. We cannot wait for rulers all over the world, often corrupted and responsible of criminal behaviors towards the environment.

Stop finding excuses like we cannot do anything to change the situation. What we can do it is probably really little, but if every of us will do it, the change will come easier and much faster than we could wish. Especially us, as gentlemen, should bear in mind that our style must be green. Gentleman style is green style.

Green style ideas

What is a little big thing to start with? Let’s move more. Physically. If we live in a city where the public transport is efficient, you don’t need a car to move around. Go to work by bus, tram or train instead.

If we live in an area where public transport is not so good, ride a bike! It’s almost free, it’s a great way of exercise, fun and most of all environmentally friendly. And, especially if you live in a big city, you know how frustrating it is being stuck in a traffic jam or looking for a parking place for hours.

The only cons would be the fact that of course it’s not always possible to move by bike because of longer distances or because of the bad weather.

But when it’s possible and it’s spring or summertime, there no better choice than moving by bike. Actually there might be one…walking 🙂

And talking about style, how dandy it is to ride a cool, stylish bike, looking around and enjoying the view!

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